What Are Tree Injections?


Tree injections are becoming more and more popular, but why? What are they? Trees of Carolina explains the science behind this method and explores the benefits.


Tree injections (also known as micro-injections, trunk injections or tree vaccinations) are capsules that introduce fertilizers directly into the xellem of the tree. Micro-injections rely solely on the transpirational stream to move materials systematically within the xylem. The advantage of injections are the 100% uptake of the material, no run off or leaching and bypassing the root system because of stress from construction damage or soil compaction.


What makes this treatment so effective?

  • This treatment has been scientifically proven to improve tree health and induce systemic acquired resistance.
  • Once injected directly into the tree trunk, the chemicals are delivered into the sapwood or active xylem where translocation disperses the solutes to the leaf mass.
  • Although the injection process can be initiated throughout the year, the best treatment period is during the fall months (the autumn period allows the time necessary for the therapeutic affects of the insecticides to improve tree health for the following spring season).
  • Tree injections are the only method that provides precise dosage and delivery of pesticides. In fact, this method actually enables the use of lower levels of pesticides!
  • Tree injections have had great success and a positive response.


How do they affect the environment?

  • Tree injection have no residues to contaminate our groundwater.
  • Risk of insecticidal resistance development is greatly reduced.
  • Tree injection do not kill earthworms and other beneficial soil invertebrates.
  • They do not affect soil biology by harming beneficial soil fungi essential for nutrient uptake.
  •  Tree injections require NO WATER during application, whereas a tree with a 100 cm diameter trunk requires 92 liters of water if the soil is injected.
  • Tree injections are the only reliable long term control (available in all conditions and year round) and have higher levels of available active ingredients that are fast acting and persistent.
  • There is no risk of leaching during periods of high rainfall (contaminated surface water has the potential to reach waterways killing aquatic invertebrates).
  • Tree injections are the most environmentally-friendly method known and are ideal for all environment situations.


Health and Safety:

  • Tree injections are safe around children and pets.
  • Complies (and exceeds) with OH&S standards compared to conventional treatments.


Tree injections are a great and effective long term solution for the health of your trees. Your trees can be protected against damage and defoliation for a long period of time in a safe and efficient manner. If you would like to experience the benefits of tree injections for your trees, contact Trees of Carolina for more information!





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