Recommended Tree Types for Flood Areas

Just like most living things, your trees can only handle so much water. If a flash flood hits your yard or garden occasionally, your trees should be ok. However, if your yard or garden keeps flooding when it rains or is often affected by major floods, your trees are in trouble. Trees that sit in saturated soil, called waterlogged soil, will drown because their roots can’t access oxygen–only water. If you see this happening in your yard, poke deep holes in the ground when water begins to drain or decrease. Fix these waterlogged areas before stepping on them, or you’ll worsen the problem.


With that being said, have you ever wondered about what trees do better in areas where flooding is a common occurrence? here is a short list.


Flood Tolerant Trees for Wet Areas

  • Colorado blue spruce: A beautiful, silvery evergreen with moderate flood and drought tolerance
  • Swamp white oak: A medium-sized shade tree that thrives in wet, acidic soil
  • Thornless honeylocust: A fast-growing shade tree that’s easy to care for and moderately flood and drought tolerant
  • Hackberry: A tough tree that thrives almost anywhere and can tolerate some flooding and drought
  • Bald cypress: A sleek, pyramid-shaped conifer that loses needles in the winter, thrives in swamps and can tolerate flooding


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