Tree and Stump Removal

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Tree Removals: At Trees of Carolina we take great pride in using the latest techniques in our industry to remove trees. The strategy used to remove your tree will depend on the circumstances. We take all the necessary precautions when removing the trees so we do not damage the house, landscaping, yard, or fence.


Stump Grinding: We grind all stumps down 6 to 8 inches below ground level so you can replant a shrub or grass back in the same spot. We can grind the stump completely out of the ground if the homeowner wants to replant a tree in the same spot. We have a self propelled stump grinder that can fit through a standard 36 inch wide gate. Our machine is on rubber tracks so the weight of the grinder is displaced over the entire track system. This puts down less weight per square inch than the average person walking over the yard. All mulch from the stump is raked back in the hole or raked and spread out over the natural area.