Tree Maintenance

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Trimming & Pruning: Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Tree pruning is often desirable or necessary to remove dead branches, improve tree structure, enhance vigor, or maintain safety. Trees may also be trimmed to reduce wind resistance or to increase light penetration. In most cases, tree trimming is often corrective or preventative nature. Do not let just anybody prune your trees because proper pruning cuts are very important so damage doesn’t occur to trunk tissue. When trimming trees a tree climber should not wear tree spikes to climb the tree because of damage to the cambium tissue. Let the professionals trim your trees the right way.


Trimming and Pruning

Lightning Protection: A bolt of lightning can destroy a tree in less than a second. Trees can be blown apart, stripped of their bark or set on fire by lightning strikes. Some trees are more likely to be struck than others because they stand alone in open landscape, the tallest trees in an area, or trees standing on a hill. Some trees warrant protecting like historic trees, trees of great economic value, or large trees within ten feet of a structure. A lightning protection system consists of a series of copper conductors that extend from

the top of the tree, down the main branches and trunk, and out beyond the trees dripline where they are grounded.

Tree Injenctions


Tree Injections: Microinjections are capsules that introduce fertilizers directly into the xylem of the tree. Microinjections rely solely on the transpirational stream to move materials systemically within the xylem. The advantage of injections is the 100% uptake of the material and no run off or leaching and bypassing the root system because of stress from construction damage or soil compaction. Call us and we can help you with your fertilizing needs.